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Welcome to the Clinton County Republican Women’s club. We are a group of local women who are engaged in our community and who are committed to supporting Republican ideals.

Three Key Initiatives

Engagement: We pride ourselves in engaging with others in our community, for the greater good.

Education: We work to educate others on Republican ideals and initiatives, whether it be students, young Republicans, or civic and community groups throughout the county.

Empowerment: We recognize that women are energetic and capable leaders and make excellent candidates for political office. Therefore, we work to empower women who are considering a run for political office or who are already in office – through education, collaboration and mentorship.

Conservative History


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Local women who are engaged in our community and who are committed to supporting Republican ideals!

Meet Our Republican Women Leaders

Dianne Rhonemus


Linda King

Vice President

Debra Hale

Vice Secretary

Patti Cook


Republican Resources


There are many benefits to joining our group. Meet and network with fellow Republican women, learn about volunteer opportunities in our community, gain insights from our elected leaders at both the local and state levels, hear speakers present on a variety of timely topics and most importantly, discover how you can help us uphold and carry out the Republican ideals that are so critical in today’s society.

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Dorothy Z. Bicker Scholarship is awarded annually by the Clinton County Republican Women’s club.

To be eligible the applicant must meet these requirements.

* Must be a resident of Clinton County

*If age 18 must be a registered Republican. If you are not of voting age then at least one of your parents or guardians must be registered Republican in Clinton County, having voted in the last Primary AND General election.

* Must be a senior graduating from a Clinton County school.

*Must have already been accepted by an Institution of higher learning- college, trade school, vocational school, etc.

The deadline for the $500.00 scholarship is March 18th 2022, the award winner will be notified by the Clinton County Republican Women’s club by June 1st.